Poynt accepts all of today’s payment types and it’s future proof, so it’s ready for tomorrow too.

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Poynt Smart Terminal

A beautiful, versatile smart terminal plus much more.

Designed to fit on any counter-top and works as a mobile solution too.

The Poynt Smart Terminal comes with a built in scanner and printer, but can also connect to your existing cash drawers, scanners, registers — whatever via USB on the docking station, so you can do business however you like to. Poynt also comes with WiFi and 3G options, so you can make transactions from anywhere.

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Poynt is a technology company that makes helpful tools for businesses. Our solution includes:


Chip (EMV)

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many business services one point of contact.

Poynt Apps

A marketplace for powerful 3rd party business apps.

Magnetic Stripe

The first payment terminal you’ll love, and the last one you’ll need.

Customers can select their receipt preferences (print, email, none), choose a tip (without all the awkwardness), and digitally sign or enter pin for their transaction (if applicable).

Poynt OS

A tech platform for business that’s always up to date.

Smart isn’t just for phones anymore.

The Poynt Smart Terminal is the next evolution in business technology.

NFC (Apple Pay)

Poynt HQ

A control center where you can manage your business.

+ Loyalty Programs, Gift Cards, QR and more