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Fort Lauderdale – (Fla., September 27, 2011) – David Cohen and Adam Weizer successfully grew Cyril's Bakery into one of the leading suppliers of frozen bakery products to the foodservice and retail industries. A lifelong entrepreneur, Cohen took over the small frozen bakery products company in 1987, 28 years later Cyril's products are sold through 36 distribution channels throughout the Southeast U.S., Caribbean and Latin America. Adam Weizer joined Cyril's Bakery in 1997 and currently serves as executive vice president.

Due to the struggling economy Cohen and Weizer discovered that food service establishments were aggressively cutting cost and refraining from offering their guests table bread. Consequently affecting sales significantly at the bakery and caused Cohen and Weizer to look for different avenues for diversification. "We wanted to take control of our destiny" said Cohen. They realised that food establishments were actively looking for ways to increases sales and lower costs due to plummeting consumer confidence at the time.

The seed was planted and was born. It began to grow with products and services designed to help business establishments grow their sales and cut costs in a struggling industry where even the most long standing restauranteurs were forced to find ways to innovate and reinvent themselves. allows it clients a way immediately to merge the worlds of consent based marketing, payment acceptance, loyalty programs and social media. The solutions allow businesses to offer a seamless method for customers to tap into loyalty programs and redeem gift cards offerings. It can also provide easy to implement text based mobile marketing services that provide a consistent, cost effective way for retailers to pull in customers during slow periods.

About Servistree was founded in 2009 in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and provides marketing solutions for businesses to help increase sales as well as cost-cutting programs to improve profits. develops innovative products and services designed to produce proven results for any sized business. For more information about Servistree visit

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