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Crypto Payment Solutions

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Accept Cryptocurrency Payments in South Florida with Ease

Embrace the future of digital transactions by accepting cryptocurrency payments for your business in South Florida. Servistree's cutting-edge crypto payment solutions make it seamless for you and your customers to process Bitcoin and other digital currency payments.

Start accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for your business today!
Servistree crypto is a user-friendly payment gateway that streamlines cryptocurrency acceptance, providing a hassle-free experience for both you and your customers.

Our solutions are designed with crypto payment compliance in mind, ensuring that your business remains fully compliant with all relevant regulations while taking advantage of this innovative payment method.

Join the growing number of forward-thinking businesses in South Florida that are embracing the future of finance. Contact us today to learn more about our cryptocurrency payment processing solutions and start accepting digital currencies with confidence.

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Low Fees, No Charge Backs and Quick Funding

  • Most Fees Paid By Customer
  • No Charge-backs
  • Accept Cryptocurrency and Eliminate Disputes!
  • Get Your Money Instantly

Instant fiat conversion
No transaction or setup fees

Perfect For Luxury and High End Products and Services Such As:

  • Jewelry
  • Yacht Services
  • Exotic Car Sales
  • Travel
  • CBD/Cannabis
  • Adult Entertainment
  • Sports Betting
  • Gambling
  • Tobacco
  • Real Estate
  • Plastic Surgeons

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Accept Payments From Anywhere

Any Currency, Instantly Convert to USD, EUR, CAD

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