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Zero Fee Credit Card Processing

Eliminate Credit Card Processing Fees and Boost Your Profits in South Florida

At Servistree, we understand the impact that credit card processing fees can have on your bottom line. That's why we offer innovative zero fee credit card processing solutions designed to help businesses in South Florida eliminate processing fees and boost business profits.

Accept all Credit Cards at 0%

100% Compliant, 100% Legal. Pass The Costs onto Your Customers!

Save Your Business $1000's Per Year!

Our no fee merchant accounts allow you to legally and compliantly pass on the credit card processing costs to your customers, ensuring that you keep 100% of the sale amount. By eliminating these fees, you can potentially save your business thousands of dollars annually, significantly increasing your profits.

Take advantage of our zero fee credit card processing solutions today and experience the financial freedom your business deserves.

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Sell $100, Get $100 Deposited In Your Bank. Simple, Easy To Use and Transparent to you and your customers. 

Example of Credit Card Transaction 

At the time of purchase, our system informs the customer of the fee amount, and always gives the option to pay using a no fee method. You receive 100% of the amount of your sale.

Example of Debit Card Transaction 

Your customers always have a no-fee payment option. To comply with the rules, our system automatically detects when a debit card is entered and applies no fee. You pay only the low cost of debit card acceptance.

No Upfront Cost - No Term Contract - No Cancellation Fees - No Risk - Cancel Anytime 

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Sell $100 on a credit card, receive $100 in your account.

credit card

You Pay 0% Your Customer's Fee 3.5%. Your customer gets billed $103.50

Sell $100 on a debit card, receive $98.75 in your account.*

Debit card

You Pay 1% + $0.25* Your Customer's Fee $0.00

*Your business's cost on consumer debit cards is 1% + $0.25. Commercial debit cards, because of the higher rate charged by the issuing bank, cost 3.38%.

Key-entered debit transactions on the Terminal do not qualify for the 1% + $0.25 rate. To achieve the 1% + $0.25 rate for key-entry, we invite you to sign up for the Virtual Terminal. .

Why Customers Choose Our Zero Fee Credit Card Processing System

Zero Cost on Credit Card Transactions

With our zero fee credit card processing solution, you keep 100% of every credit card sale. When you sell $100, you receive the full $100 amount. You only pay for debit card transactions, eliminating processing fees and boosting your profits.

Fully Compliant

Our team of experts ensures that our no fee merchant accounts are fully compliant with all rules and regulations. We provide a turnkey solution that automatically keeps you covered, so you can focus on running your business.


Our system allows you to pass on the fee for credit card transactions to your customers transparently. Your customers can choose to use debit as a no-fee option or pay with cash or check, providing them with flexibilit