What is Fanfare Gift and Loyalty Program?

Fanfare is an easy-to-use marketing and customer loyalty program that integrates loyalty rewards, gift cards, and real-time offer and promotional / prepaid-cards. Fanfare enables you to attract new buyers and encourage them to become high-frequency shoppers. With demonstrable bottom-line impact, real-time rewards, at-a-glance consumer analytics and an effortless customer experience for your shoppers, Fanfare is the next generation in consumer engagement, loyalty and retention programs.

How does Fanfare help my business?

With Fanfare, you can acquire new shoppers and turn them into loyal members, who visit your business more frequently—and spend more when they do. You can use the program to help you re-engage with past shoppers who haven’t purchased from you in a while, too. Fanfare lets you customize your loyalty program to drive the business you want. You can also create special offers and promotions quickly and easily and make them available to your shoppers with a click of a button.

How does Fanfare attract new customers?

Fanfare provides you with the option to use promotional cards to attract new customers. Promotional cards offer an innovative, targeted, and cost-effective way to extend your marketing efforts. With promotional card campaigns, you can load a small dollar amount onto a card, and then distribute the cards in the community, at schools, parks, local events, or even other business to invite new shoppers to visit your business. Since any monetary value loaded on the cards isn’t realized until the card is used, promotional cards provide a targeted marketing campaign for little investment.

How Does Fanfare Work?

When your shoppers make purchases at your store, they accumulate points for every dollar they spend until they accumulate enough points for a reward.  Your sales representative will provide recommendations for your loyalty program points and rewards based on your industry and average ticket size. These recommendations have been proven to motivate shoppers to become repeat customers while achieving positive returns for your business. In addition, you can set up time-based offers through your Business Dashboard and make them available to your loyalty program members.

How does Fanfare work on my point of sale terminal?

Fanfare is a seamless addition to the existing point-of-sale check out process. Shoppers are either prompted to join your loyalty program or recognized as existing members. Once an existing loyalty program member has been identified either through the use a payment card, phone number or loyalty card, a current offer is automatically presented to them for use. Shoppers also can choose to save an offer for use at another time.

Are loyalty cards required for my consumers?

Loyalty cards are not needed to join your Fanfare program. In fact, the Basic Loyalty program identifies program members by the phone number or payment card that they have set up as their program ID.  If you prefer to offer your shoppers loyalty cards, they are available.

Is Fanfare free for my customers?

Yes, the Fanfare solution is absolutely free for shoppers to join, whether in your store or online through your branded Member Website.

How can my customers join my Fanfare program?

Fanfare offers your customers a variety of enrollment options that let them participate when and how they are most comfortable. First, your customers are prompted to join your program during checkout—they can join quickly and simply by providing their phone number, using their payment card or your loyalty card as their program identification. Shoppers can also visit your branded Member Website to enroll, check their rewards and offers, and set up other ways to earn loyalty points such as adding a loyalty and payment card.

What kind of training is available for my staff and me?

We have a dedicated training team which will be available to work with your location(s) via teleconference to ensure you understand your program details and functionality. When you set up a Fanfare program, we will also send you a Fanfare Welcome Kit to help you promote your program, and online resources are available, including best practices and tools to help simplify the conversation you’ll have with shoppers to invite them to join your loyalty program.

What is the difference between a promotional card and a gift card?

With a promotional card, you would typically load a small dollar amount to multiple cards through the Fanfare Business Dashboard. Promotional cards can then be distributed to potential new shoppers in the community, at schools, parks, local events or even at other businesses to invite new shoppers to visit your business. Gift cards have a specific dollar value loaded to them when one of your customers wants to give the gift of a shopping at your business. You customers provide you with payment and the gift card is easily loaded with that amount through the terminal at checkout.

How does end-of-day reconciliation work with Fanfare?

End-of-day reconciliation for loyalty offers will work the same as any discount currently provided to customers. Summary and detail transaction reports can be pulled from the terminal to show the total amount of discounts given and gift cards sold, and can be used to balance the drawer at the end of the day. Copies of terminal receipts will also reflect any discounts applied to the original sales amount.

How does Servistree help merchants promote their loyalty program?

By integrating into the payment stream, all customers are automatically presented an invitation to join your loyalty program!  Even if a customer chooses not to join at checkout, every receipt you print will show the link to your Member Website. Customers can visit your branded website and join anytime.   We’ll also provide a Fanfare Welcome Kit of promotional resources to help kick-start your program.  You also have access to customizable materials that you can print as needed such as bag stuffers and posters – just add your business information and print.

Can consumers still join my Fanfare program even if they decline to join at the POS?

Absolutely! Fanfare offers multiple enrollment methods so even if customers decline to join at checkout, the URL to your branded Fanfare Member Website is printed on every receipt. Encourage all shoppers to visit your Fanfare Member Website to complete registration, select their participation options and track their rewards.

Does Fanfare handle commercial payment cards differently than consumer payment cards?

Fanfare does not distinguish between commercial and consumer payment cards.  Major brand credit and debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and others are included in the program.  This includes Corporate Purchasing Cards and Business Credit Cards.  EBT cards are not included in the program.

Can I order customized marketing material for my business’s Fanfare program?

We’ll provide you with access to templates for bag stuffers, posters and counter cards that can be customized with your logo, business name, loyalty program name and URL for your branded Member Website and then printed from your desktop or local print shop.

Can Fanfare accommodate multiple terminals and multiple locations?

Yes, Fanfare supports businesses with 10 or fewer locations with five or fewer terminals per location.  As long as each participating location is offering the same customer loyalty program and can support the necessary hardware, you can issue rewards and gift cards at one location that can be redeemed at any other participating location.

Can my customers earn points at all my stores and use them at any location? Can points be used across multiple locations?

Yes, Fanfare lets shoppers earn points at any location and those points are applied to that member’s loyalty reward. Once loyalty rewards are earned, they can be redeemed at any location. For example, Annie’s Bagels loyalty offer is “Spend $50, Get $5 off”. If a shopper spends $40 at Annie’s Bagels on Main Street and then $10 at Annie’s Bagels Downtown, that shopper will have earned the $5 off loyalty reward and will have the option to use it at the Downtown location or save it for later use at either location.

What is the Fanfare Member Website and How Does it help shoppers?

The Fanfare Member Website is a convenient online tool that lets your customers complete the registration process, track their progress towards loyalty rewards and check out new offers available to them. Each Member Website has a custom URL that reflects your business’ name and is specific to your shoppers.  In the Member Website, your customers can provide valuable demographic information such as address, email and birthday that can be used to support your Fanfare loyalty and offers program. To help promote your Member Website, the URL will print on each receipt.

If I set up an enrollment offer, how many times will any specific customer be able to use it at checkout?

Enrollment rewards are one-time use. Once the customer redeems it, the reward will no longer be available on their loyalty account.

What is considered a “qualified purchase” towards loyalty points? What amount is credited to my loyalty members when they make a purchase?

All purchases for registered loyalty program members will be qualified purchases towards loyalty rewards in the Fanfare program. Delivery and other fees as well as sales tax will be included in the total credited amount unless you choose to use the terminal to calculate sales tax. In that case, taxes may be excluded from the amount given as loyalty credit. Loyalty credits accrue based on a 1:1 ratio of dollar spent or number of visits depending on the type of loyalty program you have established.

Can loyalty points accrue if my customer pays with cash or a check instead of a payment card or loyalty card?

Yes, customers can be awarded loyalty points if they pay with cash or a check.

If I decide to offer my customers an enrollment promotion that is presented during the checkout process on the terminal, can I change it to an online registration offer? What about the reverse?

The most recently earned reward or offer is presented at checkout. For talech, up to five offers may be presented from which the customer can choose.

Can I change loyalty programs / rewards? How?

Once you have established a loyalty program and started enrolling your customers, we recommend that you do not change your core loyalty program. Making changes to an established program could negatively impact your existing loyalty members and any points or rewards that have been earned. Instead, you may want to create new offers through your Business Dashboard to enhance and optimize your existing loyalty program.  If you still feel that changes need to be made to the core loyalty program, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-725-1243.

If a consumer has qualified for more than one reward or offer, which one is presented during checkout?

The most recently earned reward or offer is presented at the terminal during checkout.

Can a shopper use a different offer other than the one shown at checkout?

Customers may use different offers than the ones shown at checkout if they are available and the customer is eligible.

Can a shopper use more than one offer or reward at a time?

No, the customer may only use one reward during a transaction but it does not need to be the one presented during checkout.

Can I set up or customize my own loyalty program? What about time-based offers?

Your sales representative will provide recommendations for your customer loyalty program based on your industry and average ticket size. These recommendations have been proven to achieve positive returns while motivating your customers to join; however, it is possible to customize a program. If you wish to set up custom values, please discuss those with your sales representative before finalizing your program.

You can set up time-based offers anytime through your Business Dashboard.

What kind of equipment does Fanfare require?

Fanfare is available on the following terminals and devices:

  • talech
  • Ingenico
    • Ingenico iCT220 terminal
    • Ingenico iCT250 terminal
    • Ingenico iWL250 wireless terminal
    • Ingenico iWL220B Bluetooth terminal
    • Ingenico iPP320 customer-facing PIN pad (recommended)
    • VeriFone
    • VeriFone VX520 terminal
    • VeriFone VX820 customer-facing PIN pad (recommended)

Additionally, Fanfare Gift programs are available for use with Converge.

Is an internet or IP connection required? What happens if my internet is down? If I call for an authorization, are my customers credited with loyalty points?

An IP connection is required for all Fanfare programs except the Fanfare Basic Gift package. If the internet is down, you can call Customer Service at 1-800-725-1243 and a transaction can be conducted on your behalf.

Do I need a consumer-facing PIN pad? What if I don’t have a PIN pad?

Although recommended, a consumer-facing PIN pad is not necessary to operate the Fanfare program.  You and your sales staff can read the terminal prompts to your customers and enter their responses for them, or you can turn the terminal towards your customers when needed. With a PIN pad, your customers are presented options to join your loyalty program; they can respond and answer enrollment questions on their own, and will be automatically shown any rewards or offers they have earned.

What are the minimum browser requirements to use my Business Dashboard to view my program metrics, rewards, offers and customer information?

For the best online experience, view your Business Dashboard in Internet Explorer 7 or higher or the latest version of Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

I am having trouble accessing my Business Dashboard. What should I do?

Your Fanfare Business Dashboard can be accessed at https://admin.fanfareloyalty.com/. There is a Forgot Password link that can be used if you cannot recall your password.  If you do not have access to the email address you used to signup, call Fanfare Customer Support at 1-800-725-1243.

Is there a mobile version of my Business Dashboard? My Member Website?

Both websites are compatible with mobile phones and tablets and can be accessed through the device’s browser.

Can I still use Fanfare if I don’t use Servistree for processing?

One of the benefits of the Fanfare solution is that it’s integrated into the transaction flow of the point of sale terminals and devices that support it. That means there’s no extra process or separate equipment required and the Fanfare program enrollment options, offers and rewards are always presented to your customers. In order to access all the benefits of Fanfare for you and your customers this seamless integration, you will need to process payments with Servistree’s processor Elavon.

Can I access my Business Dashboard, program metrics or consumer data if I cancel my Fanfare program or leave Elavon?

As Fanfare is seamlessly integrated into the Elavon payment stream, if you cancel your loyalty program or leave Servistree, your Business Dashboard and all related Fanfare data will no longer be available to you and the Member Website will not be available for your customers. Please contact Fanfare customer support at 1-800-725-1243 if you need to cancel your loyalty program.

If my customers register or use a payment card as a program ID, will they be spammed?

Not at all. Consumers will not be spammed if they add a payment card to their loyalty account.  This information is used only as an account identifier and is not shared with third parties.

Is my customers’ information safe? How is their online privacy protected?

Protecting the privacy of our customer is a matter of great importance to us.  Within Servistree and our processor Elavon and our affiliates, we restrict access to your Personal Information to those employees who need to know that information to provide products and services to you. We have established physical, technical and administrative security processes that are commensurate with the sensitivity of the information collected to safeguard Personal Information and we employ an independent auditing firm to test the effectiveness of the systems and practices that we have in place. Recognizing that technology is continually developing, Elavon implements new procedures and technology improvements on an ongoing basis to further safeguard your Personal Information.

Who has access to my customers’ personal information?

If you offer a Fanfare loyalty program, you’ll only have access to information that your customers choose to provide in the Member Website. Elavon has access to that information only if your customer opts in for communications from Elavon as part of their online registration. None of your customers’ information is shared with third parties.

Will you be contacting my loyalty members? If so, how and when?

If you create or edit an offer within your Business Dashboard, Elavon will send an email to your registered loyalty members who have provided an email address and consented to receive emails. The email will be sent on your behalf, identifying your business and the offer to your customers.