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4 Ways To Crank Up Customer Service Through Payment Processing

Published November 6th, 2017 by Servistree

When it comes to payment options for customers and clients, many businesses consider things like mobile payments and credit cards as a simple matter of necessity. Some customers will want to pay with a credit card, so we’ll need to be sure we can accept those. The line of thought doesn’t go much further than that.

What many fail to think about though, is how different payment options can be used to actually improve customer service and create a better all around experience for clients. With modern technology there are more options than ever, and using those options creatively can make a tremendous difference to your customers.

Taking advantage of new payment processing options and technologies will allow you to give your clients more choices, help them to feel more secure, and provide individualized convenience for everyone. Let’s take a look at just a few ways that you can use different payment options to take your customer service to the next level.

EMV Credit Card Processing

EMV (which stands for Europay, Mastercard and Visa) chip-enabled credit cards are becoming the standard. More people are carrying them as their current credit cards expire and get replaced.

These cards have greater security for consumers, but they also provide opportunities for businesses to improve customer service and satisfaction.

Restaurants are a great example. Everyone seems to know someone who had a problem with their credit card after using at a restaurant (if they didn’t have the problem themselves). Many consumers don’t like the traditional payment process of handing their credit card to a server and having it disappear for anywhere from two to twenty minutes while their bill is paid.

With chip-enabled cards, payments can be made right at the table. Not only does the entire transaction happen within the customer’s view, they don’t even have to give their credit card to another person.

ServisTree offers solutions like Verifone’s VX 680 portable processing device which makes use of a color touch screen. Customers can actually process their own transaction without the need to give their credit card to anyone else. It’s the ultimate in convenience and security.

Mobile Processing

The ability to process credit cards on mobile phones or tablets provides retailers with opportunities to improve the entire shopping experience. The days of waiting on line to get to a cash register to make a simple purchase are coming to an end. The point of payment is becoming decentralized.

Salespeople armed with a phone or tablet can move throughout a store, interacting with customers freely. There is no longer a need for one person to help clients find what they are looking for while another waits at a cash register to take their payment. Now, a single employee can guide the customer through finding everything they need, check inventory, and complete the purchase process immediately.

Consumers get a sense of a closer relationship with the business and experience incredibly personalized convenience every step of the way. Salespeople know they will get credit as well as any commissions for the sale and they don’t risk losing a customer because they need to check with someone else for information or payment options.

NFC Payment Processing

NFC Stands for near field communication. This is the technology that Apple Pay and Google Pay take advantage of. It allows two devices to communicate wirelessly when they are close to each other.

This technology allows consumers to pay for something by simply waving their smartphone in front of a payment terminal. This provides convenience and security on several levels. First, obviously, a customer doesn’t have to hand their credit card over to anyone. Most people also have their phone much more at the ready than their credit card. There’s no need to reach for a wallet or dig through a purse.

Depending on the business, NFC processing also opens doors for setting up automatic payment kiosks. Customers can pick up and pay for items without ever needing to talk to a salesperson. Entrance fees for something like a theater show or concert can be collected quickly and efficiently, with minimal delays for patrons.

In-App Payments

If your business is the type that lends itself to the use of a mobile app, integrating payments are a great way to give customers more convenience.

There are plenty of examples that show how this extra convenience is attractive to consumers. Uber is a great one. Customers can request a car and make payment all within the Uber app. There is never a need to call anyone or visit a website. Hotels can allow people to make reservations and pay for their stay without the need to check in and out at the front desk. Services and shops can allow customers to choose and purchase within an app and schedule delivery for a convenient time.

The possibilities here are really only limited by creativity and imagination. Even more effective than any of these options are smart combinations of all of them. Tying these technologies together can make your business more efficient than you ever thought possible while giving your clients the ultimate customer experience.

Do any of these ideas sound like they would help your business? Would you like to see more ways that technology can help you to create higher profits as well as happier customers? Get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to help find the perfect options for you and your business. You can reach us any time through or by calling us at 1-866-944-3244.

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