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5 Reasons You Need to Adopt a Cloud-Based POS System Today

Published November 6th, 2017 by Servistree

You’re a savvy small business owner. You monitor business trends, you’re spending time cultivating a social media presence, you even split-test your email campaigns. You clearly know what it takes to succeed in a hypercompetitive world, which begs one very important question: why haven’t you ditched your antiquated point-of-sale system?

We get it. Change is hard, and if you haven’t already adopted a cloud-based point-of-sale system, it’s probably because you’re okay with your existing system. It works, it’s fairly reliable, and you don’t have the time or money to bother switching, right?


Cloud-based point-of-sale systems are the wave of the future, and for good reason: they’re more versatile, efficient, and reliable than anything out there. Read on and discover why you need to ditch your antiquated system for a cloud-based solution immediately.

1.  Cost

Cloud-based point-of-sale systems are a small business owner’s best friend because they have an incredibly positive impact on the most important metric in business: the bottom line. Traditional point-of-sale systems can be incredibly expensive to maintain, requiring frequent maintenance and troubleshooting that can eat up a budget in a heartbeat. They can cost tens of thousands of dollars just to get up and running, with additional fees being incurred every time a problem is discovered. Cloud-based systems? Not so much – quite literally. A small business can implement one of these payment systems for as little as $1,000, which means you can spend your money on the things that really matter.

2.  High-Quality Data

Want to gain better insight into what’s actually growing your business? A new point-of-sale system is a good place to start. Cloud-based systems allow you to easily track every purchase and every customer, giving you a great idea of what products are actually making you money, which ones aren’t, and how to better market to new and repeat customers alike. Their data goes into far greater depth than traditional hard-wire systems, allowing you to make smarter decisions and hone in on those select products, services, and customers that really move the needle.

3.  Inventory Management

Nowhere is this aforementioned deeper insight more valuable than in helping you effectively solve existing inventory problems. In addition to making it easy to plan your orders and forecast with greater precision, cloud-based systems provide you with a bevy of ways to sort your existing merchandise. This is especially helpful for businesses with multiple physical locations, or for businesses that operate both online and in the “real world.” You no longer have to deal with separately managing inventory across multiple sales channels – simply implement a cloud-based point-of-sale system and eliminate that extra headache once and for all.

4.  Greater Accessibility

With a cloud-based inventory system, you can access all of your sales information remotely – no more having to count the cash register each night to know how good (or bad) of a day your business had! You can get live business updates wherever you are, giving you all that useful data you love without the hassle of collecting it in person.

5.  Easy Maintenance

Here lies the true beauty of cloud-based systems: with all of the information being stored remotely and operating on reliable software platforms, the pains of frequent maintenance are all but eliminated. Cloud-based systems don’t need to be rewired every time a problem arises because there literally are no wires! This greatly lessens the likelihood of you running into an issue in the first place, and guarantees an easy fix for any one you might encounter.

In order for your small business to succeed, you need to maximize every dollar you spend, streamline your business as much as possible, and make decisions based on data rather than emotion. A cloud-based point-of-sale system allows you to do all that and so much more. Don’t let the thought of a slight learning curve prevent you from making the switch.

Cloud-based systems are easy to implement, cost-effective, and give you greater control over your business than ever before – you can’t afford to do without one any longer, and we can help you select the perfect system provider for your business needs. Contact us at 1-866-944-3244 to learn how to save money, ramp up productivity, and make 2016 your best business year yet!

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