6 Ways Your POS System Can Improve Your Customer Service

Published November 6th, 2017 by Servistree

Point-of-Sale systems have come a long way. In the past, the entire POS system was a cash register, basically nothing more than an oversized, glorified calculator. Today’s point of sale systems make use of sophisticated computer systems, wireless communications and mobile devices. They can do far more than just calculate subtotals and sales tax.

As much as point of sale devices have changed, especially in recent years, many business owners still think of them as nothing more than a way to calculate charges and make change. In reality, there are many new opportunities to put your POS system to work in ways that you may not have considered.

By getting a little creative and taking advantage of modern equipment, you can use your POS system not only to make sure sales are accurate, but to actually improve your customer service and better the customer experience.

Get Customer Feedback

It all starts with finding out if your customers are happy or not. Some reports say that as many as 8 out of 10 shoppers will not give a retailer the opportunity to make up for a bad customer experience. They will simply keep their complaints to themselves, walk out the door, and never return.

Placing a device at the point of sale that allows customers to rate their experience during their visit can give you invaluable information. Most importantly, you’ll know if the majority of your customers are happy with how you’re serving them, but there’s also a secondary benefit.  You’ll be able to see how customer satisfaction changes when you make changes in your store. Did your 4 star rating drop to 3 after some employee changes? Did that new pricing scheme give your rating a boost?

Provide Extra Information

Devices placed at check-out, and even throughout the store, can be used to give customers extra information to help them with their purchases, without the need to track down a salesperson.

Strategically placed tablet devices can be used to allow customers to find out if items are in stock, where they are located in the store, and what current prices are. Customers will be able to find what they need, locate related items, and even compare prices, quickly and easily. The same screens can display promotional and marketing material when not in use.

Automation And Personalization

Modern POS devices and software also give you many opportunities to automate some of your own processes, as well as personalize the experience for your customers.

Inventory management – Inventory can be tracked in real time. Orders can be made before stock levels become critical and cause problems.

Flexible payment – It’s possible to move beyond cash and credit cards. You can offer your customers the ability to pay through their smartphones or even through online wallet systems such as Paypal. You can even store their preference for any future purchases.

VIP customers – You can give your best customers automatic discounts or other benefits without requiring special identification like customer club cards. Points and/or purchases can be tracked accurately and automatically.

Email receipts – Email copies of receipts make it effortless for the customer. As a bonus for you, with their email address on file, you’ll be able to follow up with promotional offers and announcements.

Think Outside Of The Box

Today’s technology continues to evolve and change the way that both businesses operate and customers shop. Mobile devices, especially, have made it possible to do things in completely different ways on both sides.

Your POS system is no longer just a tool to help you collect cash. By using your imagination, taking advantage of technology, and listening to your customers, you can find new ways to make the customer experience you deliver unique and satisfying. In the end, it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

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