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How Facebook Reactions May Help Your Marketing

Published November 6th, 2017 by Servistree

Facebook is continually evolving to meet new demands of their users. Currently, there are a few options to voice an opinion about a post seen on Facebook – Like, Share or Comment. There are a number of users who find this limiting. After all, what if you absolutely hate something? Or, if you love it? 

Well, Facebook has listened. They are actively testing buttons that go much further than the traditional buttons seen above. The reactions tool is currently being tested in Spain and Ireland and poised to debut in the U.S. soon.
With these new reaction options unrolling across the globe soon, businesses should take some time to get to know what they mean and the effect they may have on their social media marketing strategy. After all, being prepared is invaluable when it comes to promoting your brand. 

Enhanced and More Accurate Analytics 

Analytics are the topic of many conversations when social media presences and marketing strategies are discussed. This makes it one of the most pressing topics to think about with the unveiling of Facebook Reactions. 

According to the actual Facebook Reactions creators, they see this new feature as an opportunity for publishers and businesses to get a better understanding of how people see and respond to the content posted. With this new feature, page owners can see reactions to all posts on their Page Insights feature. The reactions will have the same impact on the delivery of ads that Likes currently do. 

Put simply, once reactions are actually available, they will provide brands with a much better idea of how their posts are actually viewed. 

Ability to See and Manage Negative Reactions

While reactions are essentially a subset of Likes, they could have a significant impact on the way your business communicates with your audience. Currently, this communication has been limited, with people being able to “Like” posts they enjoy and comment if they don’t. However, most people who don’t like something just ignore it completely. When the spectrum of possible responses is increased, it means that businesses may begin to see more diverse reactions, including negative feedback. 

While this can seem insightful and helpful in some instances, it is essential for businesses to create a plan now to deal with these potentially negative reactions. 

Appeasing the Audience

There is the thought that businesses that begin to receive negative reactions from their audience with this new feature will simply create posts that are designed to appease these individuals. However, this is not necessarily a good thing. This is especially true if the value of the post is reduced simply to achieve a more positive reaction. 

The fact is, only time will tell what is going to happen. Right now, the actual effect on brand performance and insight is all speculation. The bottom line is the reactions feature is something users have been asking for and Facebook has made the decision to deliver, whether you like it or not. Making a plan now for dealing with this new feedback – good or bad – will help to minimize the ‘shock’ that may go along with negative feedback. 

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