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How Many Social Media Accounts Should My Business Have?

Published November 6th, 2017 by Servistree

For many business owners, keeping up with social media can be a difficult task and leaves you with the ultimate question: is there such thing as too much social media?

Because social media presence is so important when it comes to Internet marketing, you want to ensure that your business is up to speed with the social media trends, but you don’t want to overdo it by using the wrong social media platforms for your business marketing.

Before you begin signing up for every social media available, from Instagram to Twitter, you need to remember that quality always trumps quantity. It doesn’t matter if you’re marketing on 50 social media accounts – poor quality will have either a negative effect on your audience or no effect at all.

Don’t spread your business too thin by trying to manage ten social media accounts. Remember that sometimes, less is more, when it comes to marketing. Spending extra time and effort with one account can have a much larger impact on your customers.

When you’re trying to determine how many social media platforms your business should be using, ask yourself several important questions.

  • Are my customers using this site? Consider the services and products you are offering, and whether or not your customers are discussing or sharing information about them on the social media platform. You want to be where your customers are.
  • What is the message you’re trying to share or get across? If you’re trying to share lengthy articles and blurbs of information, social media platforms such as Twitter or Instagram may not be the best suitor for your marketing strategy. If your focus is on SEO results, consider Google Plus rather than Facebook.
  • Do you want to do more than just advertise? Websites such as LinkedIn are great for building business relationships and networking with other business professionals so that you can do more than just advertise to your audience.
  • How much time do you have to manage your social media accounts? It’s great to be on more than one social media platform, but signing up for too many accounts can have a negative effect on your productivity as well as the quality of your content.

There certainly isn’t one correct answer when determining how many social media accounts your business should have, but you need to consider time management, quality and available resources.

Once you have identified and picked the platforms that are suitable for your business, you can narrow your options down after you have figured out where your audience is and how much time you can allocate for each account. You don’t have to sign up for every platform available to reach your marketing goals and objectives.

If you’re still struggling to find the right balance between social media accounts or you’re having trouble properly marketing through social media, we’re here to help. Contact us directly through our website or give us a call at 866-944-3244.

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