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How to Improve Customer Loyalty with Social Media

Published November 6th, 2017 by Servistree

An extremely important metric of the success of your business is customer loyalty. It provides insight into a number of issues, ranging from if you are providing services for the right group of customers, to the quality of your products and even the level of your overall customer service. When you are able to gain loyal customers, you also have the ability to potentially increase your profits over time. However, you cannot just sit ideally by and expect loyal customers to appear. These individuals are cultivated as a portion of a process that is built into the DNA of your business.

The person that has control over your efforts to gain new, loyal customers is you – and whether or not you use the tools that are available to ensure this to happen is also up to you. Social media offers a number of new communication channels and has also raised the bar in regard to business accountability. In order to make the most of this (not very) new opportunity you need to apply good data analytics, testing models and also avoid the most common pitfalls associated with using social media.

Here you will find some tips that will help you improve the loyalty of your customers by leveraging social media.

Learn Your Customer’s Network Preferences 

When it comes to social media, consumers have found ways to engage and participate directly with brands. As social marketing moves past the likes and all other types of vanity metrics, more and more brands are starting to focus on the pursuit of actual conversion actions.

Even though conversion activities such as newsletter signups are extremely useful, driving the signups and also encouraging continued participation offers a number of strategic advantages, including being able to grow your customer engagement and value.

According to recent studies, up to 90 percent of people that join a loyalty program you offer want to receive communication from you. When the communication takes place through apps and channels that your consumers are most comfortable using, it will allow your brand to increase its engagement, while being able to acquire new loyal customers organically.

Determine Your Customer’s Interests 

When you tailor your customer loyalty program to the specific customer interests, it can be an effective manner to increase the actual lifetime value of your customer. You can do this by using the current channels to ask your audience how they would like to have offers tailored to them. Do they prefer a comment on Facebook or Twitter or want to receive a direct message? Also, ask them up front what their preferences are – this will minimize you having to back track down the road.

Don’t Forget Word-Of-Mouth Mentions

According to about 93 percent of consumers in the U.S., receiving rewards from brands they love are either “somewhat” or “very” important when they are trying to figure out which brand they want to make a purchase from.

The foundation of the majority of rewards or loyalty programs is that the more customers participating, the more that will be given. Word of mouth via social media is now just ensuring that you are recognized as a measurable and valuable portion of this bigger equation.

When you recognize your customers for their social activity, it can go a long way. A “thank you” and a couple of points will make your participants feel special, helping them to further connect with your brand.

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