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The AdWords Game: Your Key to Win

Published November 6th, 2017 by Servistree

Google AdWords is a powerful advertising tool that can help your business become more successful and expand its customer base. However Google AdWords is not that easy to use, which is why some people who didn’t invest enough time to learn how this system works will tell you that AdWords is just a waste of money. We think differently.

Is Google AdWords Right for Your Business?

Before you start making plans for long-term AdWords campaigns you should do a little test. Why? Well, not every type of business will benefit from this marketing strategy. That said, you should create a small AdWords campaign, run it for at least a month, analyze the results, and decide whether your business can profit from Google’s marketing tool. If the results are not what you were expecting, don’t continue running AdWords campaigns, but focus on finding another marketing strategy that will be more suitable for your business.

Planning a Successful AdWords Campaign – Step by Step

There are a lot of questions you should think about before you can start a campaign and help your business thrive with AdWords.

1. Who Is Your Target Audience?

One of the first questions you should ask yourself is the following: who are the people you’re trying to reach with AdWords campaigns? Do you want to reach businesses, families, or individuals? After you answer this question, you should think about the devices your audience will use to reach you. Will they use a laptop, a mobile device, or a desktop computer? Knowing this will help you optimize your campaign ads for these devices.

2. What Does Your Business Offer?

Another crucial question is this: what makes your business stand out from the rest? Will your offer make your target audience click on your ad? Can you add something unique to your offer?

You can also go one step further and do some research on what your audience is expecting from your type of business. Try to include the demands of your target market to your offer.

3. What Results Are You Expecting from Your AdWords Campaign?

Is your AdWords campaign aimed at getting more visitors to your website or increasing the online sales rate? Once you determine what goals you want to achieve with your campaign it will be easier for you to track your progress.

4. What Are Your Competitors Doing?

It’s a good idea to keep a close watch on your competitors. Not only will this help you see how well you rank among your competition, but you can also learn something from your competitors. You can see which keywords they’re using, what they see as their unique selling point i.e. what they think is their main ingredient for a successful campaign that makes their offer irresistible, etc.

5. What Is Your Campaign Budget?

It is essential to set a budget for your AdWords campaign right away. There are two things to consider, having in mind that Google ads are priced on a daily basis: how much money can you invest in PPC or pay-per-click and what’s the maximum cost you can afford to pay per click (Max CPC).

When it comes to keywords, you should put all your efforts in finding the right keywords. They play a major part in determining how successful your campaign will be, so use all Google’s resources to find the keywords that will launch your business to number one page in SERP’s.

Also, don’t forget to include a call-to-action to your ads. The simpler your CTA is, the better response rate will you get from your target audience.

We’ll soon have more great tips on how to use Google AdWords successfully, and in the meantime we want you to think about your business’s marketing strategies. Should you need help so as to increase your online presence and take your marketing strategies to the next level, visit our website at

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