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The Benefits of Cloud-Based POS Systems

Published November 6th, 2017 by Servistree

With the cloud-based point-of-sale system making its way into the retail commerce arena, it seems we may be witnessing the beginning of the end of its conventional in-store predecessor. It is indeed the beginning, however, since there is still significant debate about whether or not cloud-based POS is as advantageous for the merchant as in-store POS. After all, cloud-based systems can be operated from tablets and mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones. But while that may be an undeniable convenience for both the merchant and the customer, is cloud-based point-of-sale really all that it’s cracked up to be?

Easy Access to Data and Updates

Cloud-based sale service provides what is considered by those who use it the easiest possible access to relevant data. These services have applicable apps for iPhones and other devices that allow merchants to obtain real-time sales information and web-based reports so that they can effectively manage their point-of-sale from any remote location. Additionally, cloud-based POS lets merchants keep up with all of the system updates and changes in security requirements as they occur. Essentially, merchants can maintain total control of their business no matter where they are as long as they have their mobile device.

Reduce or Eliminate Fees

Could-based POS systems have much lower upfront fees than their traditional Windows-based counterparts and some have no upfront fees at all. Typical monthly fees for cloud-based systems are between $50 and $175 depending upon whether the merchant chooses a fixed fee or a pay-per-swipe package. They also don’t charge fees for cancelling your service and most providers do not have annual contract requirements so merchants can make adjustments to their system package or change providers without a penalty or the risk of losing money that was invested upfront for set up and licensing fees.

Windows-based POS almost invariably has upfront software licensing and other fees associated with it as well as yearly upgrade and maintenance costs and other possible charges for things like system usage training and merchant support. The key when considering a cloud-based POS system is to find the option that is best for your business based on your specific management style, business model, and budget. 

Fewer Risks

The fear of losing critical information as the result of viruses or corrupted files is a common issue for Windows-based POS merchants. However, that fear can be significantly reduced or eliminated with cloud-based systems because all of the stores critical data is kept in online storage. Also, traditional POS systems sometimes need their system drivers reinstalled which not only costs money but results in lost revenue due to system downtime. Cloud-based systems eliminate the need for these updates.

Arguably the most significant risk for retail POS merchants who use Windows-based systems is credit card fraud. Purchases that are made with ill-gotten credit cards have traditionally been chalked up to a loss by the merchant who had little or no recourse in recouping the lost merchandise or the associated profit. However, most of the major credit card companies will soon guarantee fraudulent purchases for merchants who utilize cloud-based point-of-sale systems. These benefits are well worth consideration for retailers for the simple fact that their implementation has the potential to make a substantial contribution to the profitability of any business.

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