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Words and Techniques to Help You Write More Persuasive Landing Pages

Published November 6th, 2017 by Servistree

Regardless of if you are attempting to increase your sales or generate new leads, having your PPC ads take visitors to landing pages that are persuasive is one of the best ways to grow your business. However, extremely effective and persuasive copywriting can be quite challenging and as a result is not seen very often. It takes quite a bit of subtlety and nuance to encourage your prospects to take action.

The good news is there are a few “shortcuts” you can use that will ensure landing page optimization. These “power words” are more effective than any other techniques and “secrets” and with the information here you can learn to utilize these tactics to ensure that your prospects take the action you would like them to.

Grabbing Your Prospects Attention: Hook, Line and Sinker

You have likely met someone who has no idea how to properly sell something. This happens all too often at networking events. A well-dressed individual in a crisp business suit approaches you, provides a firm handshake and then eloquently launches into all the great things his new start up is doing. No conversation – no introduction – no pleasantries – just a rehearsed, automatic speech.

Even if the individual has the most impressive, revolutionary startup, it really won’t matter. Why? Simply because made absolutely no attempt to grab your attention prior to launching into their monologue. The fact is, hundreds of thousands of marketers make this same mistake – all the time – on their landing pages.

There are far too many marketers who assume that simply because someone clicked on their ad, the person is definitely interested in whatever they are selling. While this may be true to some extent, it is not necessarily that simple. Due to this misconception, many markets are doing exactly what the individual at the networking event did – starting out by attempting to persuade or impress without ensuring the person is actually interested in what is being offer.

How to Master “The Hook”

It may be true that you have a remarkable product or service; however, you have to grab prospects attention prior to persuading them. The most effective method to do this is to manipulate their emotions.

As a marketer you know the truth – no one wants to buy items, they want to solve a problem they are having. Being able to understand and leverage this principle is an essential part of your ad company, but it is even more crucial when creating landing pages. If you are able to successfully exploit an emotional payoff and solve the problem they are having with the product or service you have to offer – the prospect is bound for conversion.

You can manipulate a person’s fears, hopes, wants and dreams – among a number of other emotions. This allows you to pull them in, giving them exactly what they want – even when they are not even aware they want it.

Use Aspirational and Sensory Language

Consider the man in the suit once more. While this piece could have started out by simply stating the facts – most marketers launch into persuasion right away without any attention grabbing efforts – chances are the story was much more effective. Why? Because you had to use your imagination.

When you include sensory adjectives in your descriptions, you can imagine being there. Words such as “firm,” “crisp,” and “eloquently” all help you imagine actually being there, interacting with the person.

Sensory language can be used in the same manner to create “scenes” in your potential customer’s minds for landing pages can be a bit more difficult. After all, they are there to learn how you are going to solve their problem. However, if you are able to implement this technique in a subtle manner, you are likely going to see a number of new leads and customers.

Power Words

In addition to sensory language, using power words are essential for effective landing pages. Words such as “results,” “save,” “easy,” and “you” can have tremendous impact. You have to carefully choose your words, read the landing page and ask yourself if you have adequately appealed to customers showing them exactly how what you offer solves their problems.

Landing pages that utilize the tips here will help you generate a large number of new conversions. Keeping this in mind will help you appeal to the emotions of your customers, which is essential for more sales. To learn more about increasing your landing page effectiveness and conversions, contact us today at 866-944-3244.

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