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Legal Coverage A Low Cost Employee Benefit

Published November 6th, 2017 by Servistree

A decade ago, payroll deductions were pretty much limited to company-provided health insurance, flexible spending accounts and taxes.

But as companies have become more cash-strapped and eager to add more to their benefit offerings, they’ve expanded the list of things employees can buy directly through their paychecks.

Today, an increasing number of companies are offering their employees legal plans. When you look at what’s driving this demand, it’s easy to understand why voluntary legal plan benefits are growing by leaps and bounds. One out of every two Americans will need the advice of an attorney during the next twelve months. Of these, nearly half will attempt to deal with the matter on their own. The average person is more likely to find himself or herself in court than in the hospital.

A flexible employee benefit program should not only include the best services for its participants, but also easy maintenance procedures for the company’s that offer them. All of our legal and identity theft protection plans are created with consideration of the demands faced by employers, and provide many advantages including:

  • Simple implementation
  • On-site enrollment
  • Easy payroll deductions
  • Designated service representatives

Payroll Deducted or Onsite Individual Enrollment Is Available
Enhance your company’s benefits package by offering employees access to valuable legal services — at virtually no cost to you. By providing your employees affordable access to legal services, you offer them significant value with little administrative cost to you. With a group legal plan, a company can enhance benefit packages and attract and retain employees. Participating employees pay a fee through payroll deduction and, in return, have convenient, affordable access to attorneys for legal services such as:

  • Preparation of wills and trusts
  • Real estate matters
  • Debt matters
  • Traffic and juvenile matters
  • Family law
  • Tap into a national network of attorneys

LegalShield America’s largest providers of group legal plans — deliver legal services through a nationwide network of provider law firms and thousands of referral lawyers.
LegalShield legal and identity theft plans can help reduce employee stress with the peace of mind that they’re protected. People with legal plans reported less stress and better productivity at work, with 70% of them using the plan over three times a year.* Show employees that your company cares by offering them a high-quality legal protection plan.

THE NEED – It is safe to say that, statistics aside, the amount of media attention given identity theft indicates the vast and escalating nature of the problem. Yet previous systems to accomplish the three pronged goal of prevention, detection and resolution are not readily available, of questionable quality, expensive or difficult to administer.

A group identity theft program helps prevent, detect, and resolve identity theft issues for employees. The program accomplishes this through providing a series of services including employee education, credit reporting, credit monitoring, fraud monitoring, and resolution services through quality vendors using group discounted pricing.

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